SWAN: Student Workload Analyzer

What is it?

SWAN helps teachers to schedule all the course activities so that students can accomplish the corresponding workload on time.

Why should I use SWAN?

Because defining the activities, estimating their workload and scheduling them is a recomended but difficult task, especially if you try to consider the rest of activities your students have to do in the rest of courses they attend during the same term.

SWAN helps teachers to simultaneously schedule the activities from multiple courses. Its intuitive graphical interface clearly shows students overload problems and allows to fix them by changing the announcement or delivery dates of the conflictive activities.

How can I do it?

SWAN is easy to use. You just have to follow these three steps:

  1. Define the period of time you want to plan, for example, a semester.
  2. Introduce every activity your students have to do during the course and an estimation of its duration.
  3. Finally, adjust the delivery and announcement dates of the activities so that all activities fit in.

Where can I get SWAN?

SWAN is a free Java application that uses the Java Web Start Technology, so that, you just have to click the launch icon to start using it.

Click to start application


Here you have an example of the application showing the schedule for two the activities of two different curses held during the same semester.

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