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Research Lines

Advanced Security Services and AAA over IP networks

Today there exist different solutions and services related with security, but they are highly heterogeneous and it is impossible to ensure a global and homogeneous system security solution.

The definition of frameworks able to combine coherently some of the current security technologies, services and protocols seems to be a real need for current and next-generation information systems.
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Ad hoc and Sensor Networks

Ad hoc networks consist of a number of devices equipped with one or more wireless interfaces, which cooperate to provide wireless communications among them. Nodes which are not in the radio range one each other, use other intermediate nodes as relays to find multi-hop paths towards a destination.

Unlike ad hoc networks, in sensor networks the devices are usually static. However, the way they work based on off, on and iddle states, makes the topology variable. In addition, usually available resources are lesser, and the scalability of the solutions becomes a very important factor. This creates the need for localized algorithms rather than global or centralized ones.
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Context-Aware Adaptive Multimedia Applications

Context Aware Adaptive applications are those who are able to modify and adapt their operation to their environment.

In particular, adaptive multimedia applications are a subset of those applications, which are able to adapt their internal components (e.g. audio and video codecs, rates, etc.) to maximize the user's satisfaction in terms of perceived quality. To make that decission they use information from their environment called context.
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Policy-Based Dynamic Management of Network, Services and Applications

Network, service and application management today faces numerous challenges, ones that older ways of doing things cannot solve. The concept of policy-based management (PBM) addresses some of these problems and offers possible solutions.

It provides a system-wide view of the network and its services and applications, and shifts the emphasis of network management and monitoring away from specific devices and interfaces towards users and applications.
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[19-09-2007] Updated list of Master's Thesis (Lista Actualizada de Proyectos Fin de Carrera).