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Designs and Implementations


DYMOUM is an implementation of the DYMO (Dynamic Manet On-demand) routing protocol both for Linux kernels and the ns2 network simulator. The code is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). More information is available at

MMARP (Manet Multicast Ad hoc Routing Protocol)

MMARP is a multicast ad hoc routing protocol for MANETs (Mobile Ad Hoc Networks). It is able to smoothly interwork with fixed IP networks without requiring any change to existing infraestructure. It also allows standard IP nodes not participating in the ad hoc routing to gain access to multicast communications through the MANET. Both simulation and real deployment code can be requested by e-mail to Pedro M. Ruiz. More information and related papers are available at


NAS-SAML is a network access control approach based on X.509 identity certificates and authorization attributes, which addresses some of the challenges derived from the integration of existing authentication systems and a flexible, scalable and manageable authorization system. More Information

OpenIKEv2 (Open source IKEv2 implementation)

OpenIKEv2 is an open source IKEv2 implementation written in C++. It is the based in two core components: libopenikev2 (library providing the core IKEv2 funcionability) and openikev2 (application using libopenikev2 library). More information is available at:

OpenXKMSv2 (Open source XML Key Management Specification version 2.0 implementation)

The project consist in an open source implementation of the W3C Recommendation of the XML Key Management Specification 2.0 (XKMS 2.0). It is compound of a XKMS Server and a Client API to access to the Server via Web Services. More information is available at:

ORE (Ontology Rule Editor)

ORE (Ontology Rule Editor) is a platform-independent application to manage the use of inference rules defined on a model represented by an ontology. ORE offers a easy, well-guided and intiutive GUI to define and test these inference rules. You can download this software at:


UM-OLSR is an implementation of the OLSR (Optimized Link State Routing) protocol (RFC 3626) for the ns2 network simulator. The software is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). More information is available at:

UMU-jCOPS (University of Murcia Java COPS implementation)

Implementation of the COPS (Common Open Policy Service) and COPS-PR (COPS Usage for Policy Provisioning) IETF-defined protocols in Java; this development was done as part of the UMU-PBNM system. More information is available at:

UMU-PBNM (University of Murcia Policy Based Network Management system)

PBNM (Policy-Based Network Management) system able to manage different kind of network policies in IP networks. More information is available at:

UMU-PKIv6 (University of Murcia Public Key Infrastructure with IPv6 support)

PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) software with IPv6 support and able to manage the whole X.509v3 certificate lifecycle. It also integrates smart card support and cross-certification. More information is available at:

UMU-XACML Editor (University of Murcia XACML policy Editor)

XACML policy definition software in Java. More information is available at: and at

[19-09-2007] Updated list of Master's Thesis (Lista Actualizada de Proyectos Fin de Carrera).