I was born in Murcia where I studied and received a B.Sc. (1997), and a M.Sc. (1999) degree in Computer Science from the University of Murcia, Spain.

I entered the University in October 1994, but, before finishing I started to work for the Information Technology Department of the University of Murcia. As member of the Carnet Inteligente project, I was involved in the implementation and deployment of a web based administrative tool at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The project consisted in introducing the use of smart cards in all the academic operations of students and people working at the University.

After that, I finished my studies and began to work, again for the University, in the development of a physical control access system called TICA. The TICA system is also based on smart cards, and today, it is still in use.

In January 2000 I moved to Madrid to work for a spin-off company of the Department of Telematic Systems Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. The company, called Agora Systems S.A., was founded to develop and comercialize videoconferencing systems based on the Isabel Project.

In my five years in Agora I had the opportunity to work in different areas. I started as a developer of the real time audio component of Isabel, and I ended leading the development of several software components for some EU Research and Development Projects, such as BRAIN and MIND.

In 2003, and while I was still working for Agora Systems S.A., I had a part time job as assistant professor teaching Concurrent Programing. From 2003 to 2005 I worked simultaneously for Agora and for the University of Murcia. During that period, I started my research career because I entered the R&D department at Agora. Some of the projects were in collaboration with the University of Murcia.

After leaving Agora, in 2006 I started to work for SQA Murcia S.L. while I continued with my part time job as an assistant professor. In SQA I worked as a Quality Consultant in the Versas project. At the same time, I was part time employed in a Research Project at the University. Additionally, I had started to write my Ph.D. Thesis which I had previously started in 2005 under Pedro M. Ruiz's supervision.

Finally, in December 2006 I received my Ph.D. degree and decided to quit SQA due to the excesive amount of work it involved. Moreover, I understood that what I really wanted to be was a Professor. Therefore, I applied for a full time job as assistant professor and I obtained it.

Currently, I am Associate Professor at the Department of Communications and Information Engineering (DIIC), at the Faculty of Computer Sciences (UMU) where I continue teaching. Additionally, in October 2008 I was appointed Vicedean for Quality Affairs and, since September 2012 I am the Vicedean for studies.