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Policy-based Dynamic Management of Network, Services and Applications


Network, service and application management today faces numerous challenges, ones that older ways of doing things cannot solve. The concept of Policy-Based Management (PBM) addresses some of these problems and offers possible solutions.

It provides a system-wide view of the network and its services and applications, and shifts the emphasis of network management and monitoring away from specific devices and interfaces towards users and applications.


This research line is mainly intended to design and deploy a framework able to manage and monitor network, services and applications in inter-domain scenarios in a secure, dynamic, and flexible way. It is also intended to develop innovative approaches for the dynamic self-configuration of information systems.

State of the art

Previous research in this line ended up among others with the design and deployment in real scenarios of a policy-based management system named UMU-PBNM (University of Murcia Policy-Based Network Management system), which is currently focused on the dynamic and secure provision of IPsec, routing and QoS services, although some other research scenarios are being considered as distributed firewalls or dynamic coalition networks.

Proposed research activities

Current research lines include, but are not limited to:

• Design and deployment of overlay network for the dynamic provision of services and applications in IP networks

• Formal modelling of policy languages and provision of reasoning capabilities

• Design of frameworks for computed-aided and automated re-configuration of information systems

• Analysis and design of multi-domain architectures and policy exchanges based on the concept of SLA (Service Level Agreement)

• Dynamic management of secure web services

• Modelling of policies for some other services and applications such as multihoming, mobility, AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) or PANA (Protocol for carrying Authentication for Network Access)

[19-09-2007] Updated list of Master's Thesis (Lista Actualizada de Proyectos Fin de Carrera).