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Ad hoc and Sensor Networks

Ad hoc networks consist of a number of devices equipped with one or more wireless interfaces, which cooperate to provide wireless communications among them. Nodes which are not in the radio range one each other, use other intermediate nodes as relays to find multi-hop paths towards a destination.

Unlike ad hoc networks, in sensor networks the devices are usually static. However, the way they work based on off, on and iddle states, makes the topology variable. In addition, usually available resources are lesser, and the scalability of the solutions becomes a very important factor. This creates the need for localized algorithms rather than global or centralized ones.

Proposed research activities

Some of the topics in which we focus our research are as follows:

• Autoconfiguration and routing in hybrid ad hoc networks attached to Internet

• Low data-overhead multicast ad hoc routing

• Multimedia internetworking over mobile ad hoc networks

• Localized approximation algorithms and topology control

• Energy-efficient routing and data aggregation

• Decentralized security mechanisms for ad hoc and sensor networks

• Modeling, simulation, testbeds and performance evaluation

Related research projects

• DAIDALOS. Within workpackage 2 of this project, we are providing solutions to interconnect MANETs to Internet. These solutions include gateway discovery mechanisms, autoconfiguration, multicast integration through MMARP and security in hybrid MANETs. Most of these components are being evaluated in real testbeds based on 802.11b

• SAM. As part of our participation in this project, we are studying enhanced routing in hybrid MANETs, low data-overhead multicast routing as well as localized approximation algorithms. In addition, we are also working on efficient data agregation and protocols for sensor networks. All these protocols are being evaluated both by simulation and real testbeds

[19-09-2007] Updated list of Master's Thesis (Lista Actualizada de Proyectos Fin de Carrera).